Coming Soon! By: Hester's Electronics and Services

What we plan on releasing within 2022!

Hester's Electronics and Services doesn't only plan on servicing and providing others' equipment and devices, we are growing BIG! We plan on making our own software, devices and online platforms for families across the globe to enjoy! With that being said, be patient while we work up some ideas to get things rolling... but once we do, you won't be disappointed! After all, its the Hester's Guarantee! 

  • A new platform for families to connect over the globe

  • A device that will connect users to a multitude of options such as calls, texts, video conferencing, gaming, messaging, social media and much more!

  • A software platform in the works using codename (PHoOS) for devices made by Hester's Electronics and Services and also allowed to be uploaded to jailbroken or unlocked devices made by other manufacturers.